Open Call 2016

Open Call Line Busch_workshop_5Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival 2016

Workshop June 1st – June 14th 2016

Theme: “Modern Nature – How to use and protect”

We are happy to announce that the following artists are invited to the workshop 2016:

1.     Boris Pramatorav – Bulgaria
2.     Gustavo Abascal – Mexico 
3.     Pablo Diaz Benzo – Chile/Germany  
4.     Jolanta Kyzikaite – Lithuania  
5.     Mette Rishøj – Denmark 
6.     Paul Smulders – Netherlands 
7.     Simone Berrini – Italy 
8.     Øystein Tommerås – Norway 

The Billboard Painting Festival starts 1th June. The focus of this unique event is on the artists and of course at Viborg as a cultural city. The object of the Billboard Painting Festival is to create maximum exposure of the artists in relation to both the many visitors and to life in artistic circles in general.

The billboard paintings from the previous years are on display in the months of June, July and August as a part of the big art walk.

From June 1st and two weeks ahead, The Billboard Painting WORKSHOP is in focus of the festival.

The theme for 2016 will be: “Modern Nature – How to use and protect”?

It is important that you as an artist are familiar with big size paintings.

The art committee will appoint 6-10 artists to perform the billboards for 2016. As an artist you will be invited to come to Viborg and be a part of the performing workshop during the first two weeks of June. The workshop will take place in public. You will participate in the workshop with the other artist and cooperate in the creative process and at the same time the audience will be able to follow the creation of your work from start to finish.

The participants are offered:

  • All the materials (e.g. painting equipment, paint UV paint, scaffolding, water resistant sheets, size approx. 3.80 m X 4.30 m)
  • Accommodation and full board during the hole workshop
  • A fee of € 3,500 for the painting after the approval of the jury. The fee covers the payment for the artwork and subsequently copyright.
  • The finished artwork will belong to Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival.
  • Joint arrangements, e.g. tours to art museums and network with local artist.
  • We aim to get a large exposure in relation to visitors and media coverage. Up to the workshop our aim is to brand the artist and the festival on various social medias.
  • Grand opening at the end of the workshop

Sent us your application containing (see the application form on our webpage www.billboardpainting.com):

  • your portfolio with photos of your 5-8 recent works (in a jpg.fil)
  • CV
  • Statement and a sketch with your arguments for your participation in The Billboard Painting Workshop for 2016.

We need your application before January 6th 2016.

The jury will appoint the artist for 2016 before February 12th 2016 and you will be noticed by then.

Link to Workshop 2016 Application Form : Workshop 2016_Application Form

We look forward receiving your application

Helle Rahbek          Thorkild NB Nielsen
Project manager       Chairman of the board

Secretariat: Billboard Painting – Sct. Mathias Gade 14 – DK 8800 Viborg – +45 8662 8224
www.billboardpainting.dk  –  www.billboardpainting.com  –  billboardpainting@gmail.com