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Christian Olsen  Self taught artist with roots in graffiti environment. He is known for his deliberate color compositions, graphic and geometric illustrations, which are often composed of typographical elements.

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Jonas Pihl focuses in his painting of the psychedelic aspects of our own universe. He is interested in fractals – the mathematical formulas for the comparison in nature which may form shapes, where the detail is equal to the whole.


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Jonna Pedersen debuted at Chalottenborgs Spring Exhibition in 2005. She shows us reality based on human and culture track focusing on making the invisible visible and invite the viewer to perceive, remember and put your life in perspective.

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Morten Alsinger working with text-based objects with a background in his fascination with graphics, typography and variations in the imagery and the history it represents.

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Tommy Stöckel was educated at Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen. Is currently living in Berlin, and has since 1990 worked on projects to explore include spaciousness and surfaces. The projects have combined sculptures, installations, photographs, collages and billboards in public spaces.

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Victor Ash
 was born in Portugal but moved to Paris four years old. The past 19 years he has lived in Copenhagen, where he based on street art has been working as an artist. He usually work in large formats. They are simple statements using iconic / figural motifs designed to get viewers to stop and have a mental break.



John Howard
Horphe – Ken Sortais


Christian Dinesen


Anders Reventlov Larsen

Artists 2012

Audrius Grazys (Belgium) Born in 1963 in Kaunas, Lithuania. Audrius has through his career tried to break free from artistic trends. He wants to create artworks that reflects harmony and intellect. Later years he has sought away from the world of museum exhibitions and to make art for the people wherever the people are. Audrius’ billboard is about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle, with it’s many lost ships, planes and people.

Frederik Lindskov (Denmark) Born in 1976 i Copenhagen, Denmark. Frederik has a background as a student in art and philosophy. His paintings has recently revolved around lives long and winding road; all the inputs, influences and behavioral regulations we experience on our way through life.


Hugo Tielemann (Holland) Born in 1982 in Eindhoven, Holland. Hugo explores the reality of the modern landscape and his works are based on the relationship between culture and nature. Nature is, in his eyes, becoming something that humans re-create. An artificial experience molded by globalization, urbanization, industrialization and individualism.


Külli Suitso (Denmark – Estonia) Born in 1974 in Tartu, Estonia. Graduated from the art academy at Tartu University in 1996, and she has a BA in Art from 1998. She has received several grants since 1996 and is today represented in the city museum in Lovisa, Finland and i many private collections throughout Scandinavia. She thinks that people often are too focused on their own style of life so that they forget to take a step back and see things in a broader perspective. Her billboard tells a story about the burning of her own moving box on the eve of St. Hans eve (mid summer ritual).

Marjolijn de Wit (Holland) Born in 1979 in Holland. Graduated in 2002 from the Art Academy in Breda. She lives and works in Amsterdam, and is interested in the permanent changes in nature and the environment , and how these changes will continue to happen on a local and global scale. By using many different materials she works with the idea that the viewer first sees what appears to be a normal looking landscape, but when closer inspected things are not what they appear to be. Her billboard can be interpreted in many different ways.


Romain Bernini (France) Born in 1979. Graduated from the University in Sorbonne, Paris. Romain works in both Paris and Rome, and he is accustomed to working with large scale paintings. His paintings often contains mystical landscapes where the humans are trying to overcome psychological obstacles and where fear and comfort are fighting each other.


Sonoko Mitsui (Japan) Born in 1969 in Gifu, japan. Graduated in 1996 from Nagoya University of Art. She has exhibited her works all over the world. After the catastrophe in Fukujima her paintings have expressed the irrational aspect of that event. She works with the feeling of helplessness in her paintings, so that the feeling and the event will not be forgotten.


Toon Berghahn (Holland) Born in 1970 in Amsterdam, Holland. Toon has previously exhibited in Holland. His paintings expresses a meta-physical mix of nature and culture. His latest work have played with the idea of paintings of paintings in a non-existent museum exhibition.


Yannick Lambelet (Switzerland) Born in 1986 in Switzerland. Graduated from Visual Arts in Lausanne. His works are often culture clashes between mythological creatures and big and strong animals versus weak humans – or the opposite. His billboard combines elements that normally doesn’t co-exist, which he hopes will make the viewer create his own meaning and story in the billboard.


Marius Martinussen (Norway) Born in 1978 in Kristiansand, Norway. graduated from the Art Academy in Trondheim. His works have been exhibited  in most of Europe and he works with the full spectrum of the abstract painting. His painting often gives associations to satellite images of landscapes, seascapes or the structure of a curled up sheet. He is reflecting on the classical painting and it’s opposite known from pop-art and the hyper realistic painting.

The Artwalk 2011

Heinz-Hermann Jurczek (Germany)


Irma Lescinskaité (Lithuania)

Audrone Petrasiunaite (Lithuania)
Migle Kosinkaite (Lithuania)

C. Alviti (Italy) Two brothers from Italy who often have worked and exhibited together. As painters and sculptors they carry the name Cristiano ir Patrizio Alviti. Together they lead the cultural association: Meet in art.

Laisvyde Salciute (Lithuania)

Rytis Martinionis (Est)

Antanas Obcarskas (LT)

Ramune Staskeviciute (LT)

Kari Svensson (FO)

Grigaliunas (LT)


Linas Liandzbergis (LT)


Paul Smulders

Paul Smulders (NL)


Vilmantas Marcinkevicius

Vilmantas (LT)

Sigitas Staniunas

Sigitas Staniunas (LT)

Jonas Gasiunas

Jonas Gasiunas (LT)

Marius Jonutis
Marius Jonutis (LT)


Vytenis Jankunas

Vytenis Jankunas