Intro to Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival
2015 June 1st – August 31th

The Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival opens on June 1st 2015. This annual recurring event – only to be found in Viborg – will put the chosen artists and Viborg as a cultural city known all over the world. The objective of the Billboard Painting Festival is to create maximum exposure of the artists in relation to both the many visitors and to life in artistic circles in general

Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival introduces the already existing Billboard Paintings in June, July and August.

In the month of June 1nd to 13th Viborg International Billboard Painting Workshop is going to be a major event. After recommendation to the arts committee during the Billboard Painting Festival, approx. This year 10 young international artists are invited to be part of this year workshop, where the artists will paint new Billboard paintings in the open and in public.
Hereby the artists will experience a great cohesion during the creative process and at the same time the audience will be able to follow the making of the various billboards from start to finish.

  Billboard Painting art walk1


Videos from the International Billboard Painting Workshop:

Billboard Painting Workshop 2013

Billboard Painting workshop 1

Billboard Painting workshop 2

Billboard Painting Workshop 3

Billboard Painting Workshop 4

Billboard Painting Workshop 5